Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I see LJ is partially working. Which is better then yesterday, when I couldn't get anything but server not found errors.

So what's the latest for me???? Let's see. Sunday was a mini family reunion. My brother, his wife and their youngest daughter came in from Wichita. So it was the three of them, my sister and her family, (4), my mom, my aunt and me. All of us at mom's house for dinner. Although the roommate normally goes to Sunday lunch with me, over at Mom's, he doesn't go when my brother is there. (They don't get along with each other).

Well, lunch turned into an all afternoon event, so where I normally leave after a couple of hours, on Sunday, I didn't get home until almost 8:00 pm.

Last night, we did some running. The roomie baked cinnimon rolls this weekend and we took some over to a couple of friends. We found out last night, although they are still living in the same house, they are no longer together. Don't know yet how that is going to turn out.

One other thing. If anyone has been listening to some of the radio programs over at gaycams and been in chat, you may have met Noah, from down in Australia. He was diagnosed with a lymphoma last week and has now had two removed. He is really down and needs all the support he can get. If you would like to send him some encouragement, either email it to me and I will forward it or email me I will give you his address.

That's about it for now.

Ok, so I lied. Just tried to post this and got a cannot connect to server error. I'm so happy. :)
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