Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I got a call from my brother last night, just as I was getting ready to go in to work at the store. He said mom had fallen in the bathroom and he'd called an ambulance. He didn't know how bad she was. He asked if I could come over. I went into the store and let them know I would be taking the night off and headed over.

I got there and the ambulance was already there. She was laying on the floor and not very responsive. They rushed her to the hospital and started running tests. They have determined she had a stroke and will be doing more tests this morning to figure out where the stroke occurred and how severe it was.

My brother lives in Wichita and just happened to come into to town to meet a client. If he hadn't stopped by, who knows how long she would have been there before someone found her.

When I left the hospital around 12:30 this morning, she was at least mumbling at a whisper.

I'm getting ready to head back down to the hospital now. They already called this morning to let me know they were taking her in for an MRI.
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