Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The boring drive home

Sometimes, the drive home gets pretty boring. So tonight, as my mind started to wander off of traffic and on to more interesting topics, cheesy porn entered my brain. And what, you may ask, was my vision, "Harry Porker and the Chamber of Torture".

"Professor Dumblefuck, that's the biggest wand I've ever seen."
"Yes it is Harry. Do you want to see me make it disappear?"
"Oh yes, Professor."
"Then bend over Harry, and I'll show you some real magic."

or maybe......

"Come here Ralph, I learned a new trick from Professor Dumblefuck. Come get under the invisibility cloak. But it only works if we're both naked."
"But Harry, I've never been naked with another boy before."
"It's ok, we'll make a pact and become cum brothers. But we have to be quiet, so no one will hear us."

and introducing Professor Snake as the Slitherin dungeon master and his slave Mouthboy.

Yes, I know, I am a bit warped sometimes........
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