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I guess it's just been way too long......

since I've been out looking for sexual gratification aids.  I got the standard buygay.com update email and opened it, just in passing.  Most of the time I just send them directly to trash.  Included in this email was one of their top picks......

Find out all about them here

So Lynn and I spent most of the weekend building our latest computers.  We both got a promo deal from AMD, because we both work at Best Buy.  Athlon 63 - 3200+, Asus K8V mobo and a Chieftec Dragon case, all for $275.  We're both starting with 1/2 Gig of RAM and 250GB WD hard drives.  He splurged on his graphics card and put in an NVIDIA FX-5700 PMC card.  I didn't need the capture capabilities, so I went with just an ATI Raedeon 9600SE.  We stayed up until 4:00 am on Sunday working on them, and then again last night/this morning until 1:00 am.

The assembly is always the easy part.  The fun starts when we begin loading all the applications we both tend to run.  Software installation, normally takes 4 - 5 times longer than the original assembly.

We also ran over to Mom's yesterday, for lunch.  The last few weeks, Lynn has either had to work, or had other plans, so I'd been going by myself.  But Baby likes it when we all go, so he can run and play in the backyard.  There's also a friend that lives next door and they both like to piss on each other through the fence.

I recorded Peacekeeper Wars, last night, but haven't had a chance to watch.  With what I'm working this week, tomorrow night will probably be the earliest I get to see it.
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