Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I went over to a friend's house Saturday night for dinner.  We work with Ke* at the store and he and his wife bought a new house a couple of months ago.  This was kind of a mini house warming/work on their computer get together.

We also ran by the orchard, where Lynn picked all the grapes last year.  It's also the same place where the guy who lives there, isn't shy about disrobing and getting in and out of the shower with the blinds/curtains wide open.  Anyway, we stopped by to see if they had grapes again this year.  They said they'd just been talking about the fact that they didn't have Lynn's number to call him.  They said the vines are full and nobody has been up to pick.  So he's welcome to come any time he wants, on one condition, that he gives them some more of his grape jelly.  Apparently, their son loves it.

So yesterday, Lynn ran back up to pick grapes, while I went over to mom's.  Turns out, she wasn't home.  I found out this morning, that my sister had called her at the last minute to see if she wanted to go see the Billy Graham Show.  The only thing I knew yesterday, was that she left me a note saying she'd be back soon.  I waited around until about 6:30 and then gave up and started home.

As I was pulling out of the driveway, Lynn called to say he had just left the orchard and was headed towards the store.  He was scheduled to work annual inventory last night.  He asked if I could stop by and pick up the grapes out of his truck and take them home.  First he just asked if I could through them in the fridge, then he asked if I wanted to start sorting them.  He said it would help, since he wanted to get a batch of the jelly done before he headed to Texas, this afternoon.  He'd be up all night as it was, and if I could get them started, it would really help him out.  So I spent 2 hours sorting 1/2 bushel of grapes.  Ended up with about a gallon of grapes.  Also spent half the night killing all the bugs that came with the grapes and went flying all through the house.  I even found a couple, still flying around in my car this morning, while driving in to work.

So Lynn will be heading out this afternoon sometime, driving to Texas.  He'll probably spend the night in Oklahoma City.  Although, we both agree, there probably won't be much cruising at the Habana Inn on a Monday night.  Then he'll drive on in to Dallas on Tuesday.  He'll probably go to the Fair with his mom on Wednesday, although his step-dad is saying he wants to go Thursday because seniors get in free on that day.  Lynn will probably just pay the $6 a ticket and tell they're just being cheap.  Since he has to be back here by Friday night because he has to open at the store Saturday morning.

So I'll be alone for the week.  But since I work Tuesday through Friday nights at the store, it won't make much difference.
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