Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I went sailing today with R*. When we helped him yesterday, it wasn't to get the boat ready for winter, but to fix a couple of problems he was having. Since we both had the day off from the store today, he invited us out for a day on the lake.

This is the first time I've ever been on a sail boat. Most of the day, there was just a light wind, so we had times of sitting almost motionless in the water. At other times, the wind would pick up and we'd be zooming through the waves.

They also convinced me to try something they normally do when they go out on the boat, and that is to get in the water naked and let the boat drag you. Definitely an unusual sensation. My biggest complaint was the water was a bit chilly to be floating in, and even though the sun was shining bright, it only got up to about 80 today.

He wants to take the boat back out again at least one or two more times this season. Asked if we'd like to go again. We'll have to see how our schedules line up.

I also talked to mom. She went on vacation with my sister and aunt and just got back in town yesterday. Apparently they had some "excitement" while they were gone. First, the brakes went out on the car while they were in Colorado. Had to find a shop open to fix those, on Saturday. Then, when they got to Montana to visit my cousin, they stopped in a convenience store to use the bathroom and got caught in the middle of a domestic dispute. Apparently some guy was beating the shit out of his girlfriend in the bathroom.

When the store owner yelled she was calling the cops, the kid bolted and scaled the fence. They left before the cops got there, but when they went back by later, there were two cop cars and an ambulance there.

Finally, on their way home, they must have gotten a virus, because mom has been sick since Thursday, and now my aunt is suffering from the same symptoms.

That's about it. My boss is off for a week of vacation, so I'll be doing his job again, starting tomorrow.
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