Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, we went from an announcement on Friday, that the company might look at selling, to today and we are for sale and it may be completed by 1st Quarter, 2005.  This does explain some of the unusual actions taken over the last couple of months.  Several of those, "hurry up and get these items done type things".  We had a major Environmental Assessment Audit, that was originally scheduled to be completed over three years at all of the locations.  Suddenly, we had an outside firm come in and do all 90 locations, company wide, in the month of August.  We had a business group that decided they did not want to be certified to ISO 9001-2000, and then changed their minds and all locations have to be certified by November, 2004.

Hey, but don't worry, everything will continue as normal.  We have to make sure we continue to work like nothing has changed to keep our customers, (and future owners), happy.

Sounds like they already have a buyer and they're working out the final details.  And they did make a big deal a couple of months ago about we were courting some new bankers/investors that were offering extremely favorable interest rates.  Looking back, makes me think, those just might be the new owners.

So who knows what the future holds.  I may be looking for a new job after the first of the year.
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