Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

And then she said, "sorry for splooging on your leg"

The trip has been good so far, although neither one of us has gotten much sleep. We made it in to Colorado Springs on Thursday morning at around 6:00. Lynn knew his sister was working days, but she had made some comment about not getting home until late evening. So he thought she probably didn't go in until around noon. We thought we'd stop by and surprise her, before she went into work. But didn't want to wake her too early. So we stopped by Starbucks for coffee and Einstein Bros for a bagel for breakfast.

Then we drove around the area for a couple of hours before heading over to her house. We tried calling her but there was no answer on the house phone or her cell. We tried knocking on the door, ringing the bell, beating on the side of the house, still not a peep.

He left her several messages on her cell, but she hadn't returned the calls. So we sat in her backyard for a couple of hours until she finally called back and said she'd gone into work at 7:00. She still had no idea we were in town. So we went and found a hotel to check into and slept for a couple of hours. She finally got off work around 5:00 and called to tell us she would be home in about an hour. Lynn said he needed to talk to her about a project he was working on for her, and he'd talk to her after she got home.

We waited a bit and then headed over to her house and parked across the street in a parking lot so she couldn't see us when she got home. After she pulled in the driveway, we shot across the street into her drive to surprise her. The look on her face was priceless. After all the welcoming interactions, Lynn finally gave her, her other surprise. He bought her a new computer, since her other one was pretty much dead.

We went about setting it up for her. And as we were, I was setting on the floor and she walked in with a bottle of ice water. As she opened it, it shot out and hit my leg. And then she said, "sorry for splooging on your leg". We both lost it. Neither of us expected that to come out of her mouth.

After that, we spent Friday with her and then headed to Denver that night. Yesterday was spent with K*, a friend from Fort Collins, who drove to meet us.

Today we're headed up to Fort Collins to work on her computer, before heading back to Colorado Springs tonight.

It's been non-stop so far, and both of us are exhausted, but we are having fun. I'll update with some of our adventures in Denver, later. Right now, the hotel is telling us it's time to check out.
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