Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just back from Starbucks, with coffee and carrot bar in hand.  Although I'm not drenched to the skin, I am pretty wet.  It's been pouring off and on all morning.  It wasn't raining too hard when I left, but half way there, it opened up again.  So the quick run across the parking lots left me pretty much soaked.

This will be another busy week.  Although I'm not scheduled as many hours at the store this week, as I have been the last couple, the day job has a ton of items that need to be done.  I have an audit next Tuesday, the first of 5 over the next 5 months.  We've now positioned ourselves to have 3 different systems for the 3 operating units.  So I now have 3 times the work to try and manage. 

But I am looking forward to the 1st of the month.  Lynn and I will be heading to Colorado for a week.  And right now.....I don't plan on calling in or returning phone calls to work, while I'm gone.  Even though they expect that.  Other people get to go on vacation and forget about work, why shouldn't I?
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