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This is day 2 of a long busy weekend. Missouri is having their tax free weekend, so the store has been absolutely packed. We did more computer business yesterday, than we did the day after Thanksgiving, last year. And that's normally the busiest day of the year. I worked a 10 hour shift today and I'm scheduled for 8+ tomorrow.

So, to say the least, I'm pretty tired tonight. It's been long week at the regular job too. I thought I was pretty much over the less than noble feelings I'd had towards my boss, but this week he pushed every one of my buttons. By Thursday, I was a little snippy with him. And then when he came in my office and started his little talk, I had to really control myself.

He told me I should be thinking about where I want to be in two years. That if I want his job, I should be working towards it now, since he'll be retiring. Wanted to know what extra responsibilities of his I wanted to take on. I told him I was already swamped with work and he wanted me to take on more? He did say that his boss had complimented me on my ability to fill in for him while he was gone. My opinion, if I did such a great job, why not give me a big raise to show your gratitude.

Anyway, Lynn is still at the store. He went in a couple of hours after I did, and is closing. I guess I should go in and try and figure out what to fix for dinner so it's ready when he gets home. I have to be back at the store at 9:00 in the morning to open and then work until 5:30.
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