Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The week in review

Let's see.....Tuesday. I decided not to say anything about K*'s return, during the staff meeting and I would just talk to the SM, privately after the meeting. However, J* asked when he would be returning to work, since she had heard he'd be back on Thursday. T* immediately started asking who she'd heard that from, because would definitely NOT be returning this week. She said I'd told her, which was true. I told him, I was planning on talking to him about it after the meeting.

So, we head into his office and asked where I'd heard it from. I told him K* had called me the week before and told me he had been released by his doctor to return on the 22nd, and had left messages for T* to call him, so he could also be released by the company doctors. T* said it would be at least a week or two, if at all, before K* would be allowed to return. He also made a strange comment about, when someone goes on short or long term disability, there is no guarantee, they'll be brought back. He said, by the time K* was released, they may have already "hired" someone to replace him.

So I don't know if they're looking to fill the position with somebody new or not. To say the least, if they hire somebody else, to be my new boss, I'll be pissed. Especially, since I've been in that position, without the title, in the past, and have been doing it for the last six months. I was also pissed when I found out exactly how much K* has been making in that position. And I've been the one who's been making all the decisions, ever since they hired him 6 years ago. But that's office politics at it's finest.

Second event Tuesday, was when I got called back into T's office, about an hour later. I won the monthly piss in the cup lottery. We have random drug testing, not that it really matters to me, since I don't have anything to hide. Just one more thing to have to deal with. And they do tend to make you feel like you're guilty before proven innocent.

Wednesday and Thursday, I was in class again. Which meant going back into the plant each evening until around 6 or 7. After I got home Thursday night, I helped Lynn change the hinge pins in the door of his pickup. It took us a couple to get them knocked out and replaced, but at least his door doesn't rattle anymore.

Yesterday, it rained, and rained. It would have been a great day to stay in bed. But I had a 7:00 am meeting at the store. Then had to go back in and work from 3:00 - 8:15. After I got off, I went and bought stuff to make home made ice cream. The store company picnic was tonight, and Lynn thought it would be nice to take a couple of batches of ice cream. So last night, I made strawberry, and today I made peach. I finally got to bed around 4:00 this morning and then back up at 9:00.

Lynn had to work all day, so we didn't go to the picnic until about 8:30. By the time we got there, it was pretty much breaking up. Most people had already left, even though they said it would be going until around 10:00. For the ones that were still there, the ice cream was a big success. Everyone thought it was great and went back several times for more.

Now we're home. I need to go in and rewarm left overs from lunch at mom's, so Lynn has something to eat.

All in all, a busy weekend, but not bad. The picnic was kind of fun. Got to see a lot of those cute boys outside the work environment. It's also been almost cold the last couple of days, with highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. That is supposed to continue through Tuesday.

And a new week is about to be begin.
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