Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, it looks like summer has finally hit.  June was a very nice, cool month.  In fact, it never got above 90°F, the entire month.  That hasn't happened since 1915.  It was also pretty wet, with rain every few days, so everything is still looking green and lush.  But, now the 90's have hit.  Supposed to be mid-90"s, today, with a heat index close to 110.

I'm leaving work early today.  Lynn is having some oral surgery done, this afternoon, so I'll be driving him for that.  Although, if it's anything like the last time, he'll insist on driving himself home.

If my boss follows through with the last message he left, my "freedom" will end in a week.  He's supposedly returning, after being off for 6 months, next Monday.  It will be strange having him back, but also nice to dump all the extra shit back on him.  I've heard rumors, there are already pots going, as to how long before he has a total melt-down, after he returns.
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