Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Hetero affair, slasher killing, wedding switcharoo

Last night was filled with a rather bizarre dream. It started out with the ex husband of a rather voluptuous blond, attacking both of us with a meat cleaver. I'm not sure why we were both naked, since there's no way I'd be in that situation. I even kept telling him, he was making a mistake, because I'm gay.

Next thing I know, there's a crowd out on the front lawn and a detective is telling everyone that I was killed and the blond was badly mutilated but alive. And her ex had been killed by the police.

And suddenly the scene changed again. Now it's an outdoor wedding. Everyone is seated and the voluptuous blond and the cute guy she was really having the affair with, are getting married. The cute guy, breaks down during the ceremony and says it's not really the blond he loves and wants to marry, it's actually me. I'm at the wedding, which I don't understand, since I was already killed.

The blond goes running off in tears and the cute guy turns to me and asks if I'll marry him. I say yes and somebody quickly gives me a tux to put on and the ceremony continues with me in place of the blond.

After the wedding, I'm inside, everyone else is still outside, enjoying the reception. There's an older gentleman sitting on the couch, wearing a babyshit yellow cardigan. I'm overwhelmed with the feeling of love, The older guy asks me how I'm doing. And as I stand there, I can't talk. I sit down and start to cry. I can't believe anyone would go to such elaborate lengths to be with me. And I wonder if I'll be able to live up to this guy's expectation.

Then I woke up, because I had to pee.

I've never been into dream interpretation, so I have no clue what this one could be trying to tell me. And it's not like I'll ever be in this situation. I don't even know any overly rubberized, voluptuous blond women.
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