Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Computer Woes

Well, I got f#*cked, and not in a good way. My primary computer was running out of disk space, so I came up with brilliant idea to swap out one of the drives with a new big one.

So I bought a new 200 GB drive a while back and finally got around to starting the install. Should have been straight forward, right? No! We're talking Windows here. Nothing is straight forward.

I'm running Windows 2000 on the machine and of course, it only saw the drive as 128 GB. But when I ghosted the image of the old drive over, it showed the full 200 GB. Ok, so far so good. Well not really. The primary partition was fine, but the extended partition was corrupted. Windows couldn't read the extended partition.

Ok, so I would have to use the disk manager utility. Small problem, I already had three hard drives installed and 1 DVD/CD-RW drive. But I had to take the DVD drive out in order to put the 4th hard drive in. And when I tried copying the utility CD to the hard drive and running it from there, it wouldn't load.

Brilliant idea number two. Pull the old drive out, that I was replacing, put the DVD back in and run the utility, than put the old drive back in to copy over the information. Again failure. Since it no longer saw a hard drive there, Windows 2000 couldn't find the boot partition.

Ok, so brilliant idea number 3, put the old drive back in, just like it was and boot up, create a virtual CD drive and copy the utility to it. Maybe that would run. Small problem, the old drive decided it was time to die. It tries to spin up and then makes an obnoxious whining sound. System still can't boot, because it can't detect all the drives.

I tried pulling the bad drive again and reinstalling Windows, over itself to repair the installation, but since the drive letters have all changed, it wants to delete the current installation and install a new version. So I'm screwed. It means days of reinstalling ALL of the applications I have on this computer, and there are lots of them.
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