Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Cheap Night

Lynn and I went running after work. He wanted to run in to the mall to check if they had any loose fitting lounge pants. Now that he's in a brace again, the loose fitting pants don't bind as much. First we hit Kohl's but they only had sleep wear. Not what he was looking for.

Next we went to Jones. Still only sleep wear available, but they did have a table with dress shirts on it for $10 each, on clearance. We both picked up several each. They all started out at $40 - 60 a piece, so at $10, they were a bargain.

Decided to go over to Bravo for dinner. We'd been there once, together, and Lynn had been there a second time with Greg. They have huge portions, so we figured we could split an order of lasagna. And we know several of the people who work there, since they all migrated from Applebee's. We started off with a couple of latte's. They were cold and had to be remade.

Next we ordered the lasagna. It was room temperature. That's fine for Lynn, since that's how he normally likes his food, personally I prefer hot food. We commented to the waiter they were batting a thousand. He offered to bring me a fresh one, but I just went ahead and ate it.

Then we ordered tiramisu. When he brought it out, he warned us, since they were already doing such bang up job, that it might still be frozen in the middle. Sure enough, it was. The manager came over and sat down. He kept apologizing for the poor quality we'd received. He knew we'd been in before and didn't want this to cloud our opinion of the restaurant. He ended up comping the whole meal. Neither of expected that.

So, it ended up being a pretty cheap evening. Yeah, I admit it, I can be a cheap date.
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