Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Up too late

Ok, I knew I shouldn't have started LOTR, last night, but had every intention of shutting it off after an hour. Well another 15 minutes couldn't hurt, right? Well, it should be ending shortly, right?

Got to bed at 2:30 this morning. Alarm went off at 5:00. I soooo didn't want to get up. Finally drug my ass out of bed at 7:00. Hey, I'm salaried, so fuck 'em. Got in about 8:45. Only a little later than normal. But was dragging all day.

We were supposed to go get our hair cut this evening. Got to the shop at 6:15, but Sonia had already left for the day. I just talked to her last Saturday and she said she'd be there. Something about having to meet with her lawyer about the divorce. Anyway, we're now supposed to go tomorrow at 2:00, after Lynn gets off work and before I go in to work.

We have another store meeting at 7:00, We both need to hit the sheets soon, or else neither one of us will feel like getting up in the morning.

We went over to Bobby's, this evening, since Sonia wasn't in. We all went out to dinner and had steak. It's been a while since we've gone out to a steakhouse. Dinner was good, but I'm not used to eating that much and was stuffed.

After dinner, we went back over to Bobby's to try and get his computer running a little faster. We made some improvement, but there's only so much we could do. Besides, we needed to get home to crash.

About it for today. Morning will come all too soon.
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