Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I've spent the last two days in class. And have another two days, next week, and two more the following week. After class, I went back to the plant to work. I got out around 8:30, last night. Tonight, I said fuck it, and left about 7:00.

Add to this, we have lots of visitors coming in over the next three weeks. This week, it's the new VP of HR. I'm supposed to give him a tour of my area, tomorrow. Next week, the Manager of North American Operations. (He's the guy I thought should be on Ritalin.) And two weeks after that, he'll be back with the EVP of Catalysts Business.

I haven't heard from my boss in a month. I'm really starting to think, he isn't coming back. And I fear, if he doesn't, he won't be replaced. I'll just get to keep his job and mine, since I've been doing it for six months. It might not be so bad if they gave me a raise to compensate. But I doubt, that will happen.

Oh well, I guess I should go in and try to find something to fix for dinner.
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