Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Some people may remember, MTV set the Real World in Miami, a few years ago. Dan was the token gay houseboy. He was an arrogant ass, but there was something appealing about him. Maybe it was because he was cute, or that he was also from Kansas City. So he had that home town boy connection.

Fast forward to the present.....as I was going into work this morning, I heard part of an interview with Dan, concerning his arrest last week. He's still an obnoxious prick, still cute, and given the chance, I'd still bury his face in the pillow and ride him doggie style.

Apparently, he was home to KC to visit his parents, and while here, he made a trip to the local porno theatre. He was still being self indulgent, but got caught by the local vice squad.

The article

I've never been to The Strand, but I wish I'd known he was there last week, I might have made an exploratory venture. Although, the capture by vice wouldn't have been much fun.
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