Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Turkey Stroll

Friday night, Lynn and I called up Bobby to see if he wanted to go walking with us on The Plaza. He came over and we walked around there and Westport for about 3 hours. It was a beautiful, warm evening, so there was lots of eye candy out.

Stopped in to Barnes & Noble, since Bobby had never been in that location. Ended up talking to one of the clerks. We discussed being out in society, the fact that he's a school teacher, and it doesn't matter.

After that, we ate Chinese at a new restaurant in Westport. It wasn't great, we probably won't go back there. I guess the fact that they used plastic bowls for the soup, styrofoam plates for the food and plastic forks should have been an indication.

Saturday and Sunday were both spent working at the store. And since it was such a nice weekend, the store was fairly dead. That just makes for a long, boring shift.

We're working on building a new PC for G* and T*. Their's keeps locking and shutting down. We finally decided it was the motherboard and processor. I took everything out except that and it was still alarming and rebooting.

The new parts are on order, but won't be in until this week. We decided to play a little joke on them and took one of the old spares we had over, last night. Their computer was a 1 GHz system, that they bought 4 years ago. The one we took over was an old P-233. We told them the parts came in early. T* immediately jumped on the computer so she could check on her soaps. Started complaining that none of her AOL shortcuts were there.

We finally told them it was just a loaner until we their computer was finished. G* was laughing too, but T* didn't think the joke was very funny. :)

Now, the turkey stroll. Ran out for lunch today, and as I was heading back into work, I almost hit a turkey as it was lazily strolling across the highway. He didn't seem the least bit concerned that traffic was coming at him at 60 mph. Although, he did turn around and give me a dirty look, once he got to the side of the road.
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