Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just finished writing the first of the month bills. And getting ready to go shower for work. I'm at the store tonight from 4:30 to close.

I actually have tomorrow off, so Lynn and I will going to Mom's for lunch. She's been complaining that I haven't been over there in a month. And I know she has 3 months of projects waiting for me.

We went over to Ke* and Ki*'s for dinner last night. They said they make us a steak dinner if we'd fix their computer. Most of the problems were solved, except their digital camera still isn't recognized. And Olympus didn't have a driver for Win2K on their website, only Win98. Stupid fucks! So, Ki* will bring the software disk back home from work, and we'll probably have to make another trip over. Their boys shanghaied me to show me every one of their batman figurines. And then I got the tour of which drawers held their clothes. They're both 3 and adorable. Even though I'm not thrilled with kids, it was kind of funny. Ke* finally rescued me and told them to leave me alone. :)

Ke* is ex-Navy, and although he's 35 and starting to spread out, he's still very attractive. And even being married, he still played along with all of the little sexual innuendoes.

Well, I guess I should start getting ready for work.
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