Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Another work related rant

I don't remember if I put something about this in here or not. And right now, I'm too lazy to go back and look.

My boss is still out on a leave of absence. The latest, if he doesn't return by July 31, he won't be coming back. So, I'm filling in for him, which includes overseeing the packaging process of one of our product lines. It's not a major operation, only two people, and they work well with very little supervision.

Anyway, that group has developed a new product. It has been a total fiasco. They're asking me questions about how the product will be packaged, what containers will be used, who it's being shipped to. And I didn't even know we were making it.

So the latest in the list......We have to have labels to put on the bags of material. Our purchasing folks were supposed to have already ordered them, so they would be here by this coming Monday.

I get a call this morning. They want to know what account information to charge the order to, since they'll be placing it today. I call her back and let her know. I think that takes care of it. Nooooo, I get a voicemail, that the order is too small to write a PO, so, she needs my Corporate Visa account to charge it to.

Ok, I call her back with that info. Then I get another voicemail, telling me, she forgot, they don't accept the new Visa's, only the old AmEx cards we used to have. So, she'll need the account information to charge the order to..........yes, the same information I gave her 3 hours earlier.

And I still don't have any information about who the customer is, when they want the material, how it's being shipped........all those minor little details.

Ok, I'll stop ranting. Besides, it's past time to go home.
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