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I hate when I get "blamed" for the actions of others.

Today has been a day of problems.

First, the network upgrade I did a couple of weeks ago, has had numerous problems. Several people have complained their computers are operating slower now, than before the upgrade. I already told them, the wiring is probably the culprit, but none of them wanted to believe me.

One building is having major problems connecting to the servers. I went ahead and installed a different switch, even though I didn't think the one I installed was bad. New switch, same problems. Most of the cabling was installed 10 years ago. I wasn't involved with it, so I don't know whether they used Cat3 or Cat5. I do know, quite a bit of it was done in-house, by techs who are not certified network cable installers. I told them, even though the cables would work with the slower 10Mb system, once you upgrade to 100Mb, it puts more strain on the cables and if they are not up to speed, actually causes the network to perform slower.

Now they're looking at how much it will cost to have new cables run, by a professional.

I also have a new piece of lab equipment that was scheduled to be installed, starting next Monday. Prior to that, I had to install some peripheral equipment, this week. When I went to uncrate the other equipment today, I discovered, the wrong item had been ordered. The unit is a recirculating water chiller, used to cool the lab instrument. I have to use an air cooled unit, but a water cooled system was shipped. Since I wasn't the one who placed the order, I had no control over what was ordered.

The correct unit won't be here until May 10. So now, 5 people have to be rescheduled.
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