Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Road trip

Lynn and I just got home from a quick road trip to Lawrence. We grabbed a couple of cups of coffee and wandered around downtown, watching to cute guys, for about an hour. We also ran into Urban Outfitters and lusted for the boys merchandise.

There are times that I regret not going away to college. I think it would have been a lot of fun, spending time in a small college town. Although KU wouldn't have been my first choice, they do have quite a few nice sights.

Now, we're about to head out to a bar to see one of Lynn's old bosses, who is in town for the weekend. She had a major crush on him, when they worked together. She wasn't very happy when he told her, she didn't have the right equipment. But they are still really good friends. She moved to Kentucky a couple of years ago, but still comes back to visit once or twice a year and always wants to get together when she's here.

We'll probably make it a short evening, since we both have to work at the store tomorrow.
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