Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Trying to remember the weekend.

Let's see, what happened Friday? Nothing particularly memorable.

Saturday, I worked until 3:00, than had the rest of the afternoon and evening off. Ended up bar-b-queing some ribs, with scalloped potatoes and mixed vegetables. Lynn thought it would be nice to invite B* over for dinner. So he showed up around 9:30, dinner was ready by 10:30. We ate and chatted for a while.

Somehow the conversation turned to porn stars. Don't ask me how three gay guys could ever get on the topic of porn. I'm at a total loss. Anyway, B* didn't know who Billy Brandt was, so I pulled out the Absolute Arid DVD and threw it in. After he saw it, he remembered the Ricki Lake show that featured BB telling the world, he's only gay for pay.

The discussion drifted to a couple of other porn stars, so I grabbed a couple of other DVD's. Mostly just popped them in and scanned through on fast forward. (It's fun to watch someone getting pounded at 8X speed.)

B* ended up leaving about 1:30. I had to work Sunday. I should have gone to bed when he left, but stayed up until about 4:00. (Sometimes my internet porn addiction gets the better of me. And Lynn loves to make fun of it.)

So I worked until 8:00, Sunday evening. Ran home and got Lynn to go to Starbuck's. We made it back just in time to watch the QAF season premier. An interesting start, but I'm glad it's back.
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