Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I've spent the better part of the last two days doing a network upgrade at work. We got rid of the old 10 Mb hubs and replaced them all with new 10/100 Mb switches. Tuesday was spent installing the new hardware in all the buildings on site. And today, I did the cut in of the new equipment. Now, today's activity should have taken about 2 hours, but ended up taking 6 1/2.

I had the first 8 buildings done in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then I got to the last building. Of course, it screamed "FUCK YOU" at me and refused to cooperate. Everything I tried didn't work. Now, I do work in a chemical manufacturing plant. The products we make are all fine powders. These tend to dust quite a bit and deposit themselves, everywhere. Most of this equipment is in sealed cabinets or closets, but the dust still finds it's way in. None of the enclosures have been opened in years, so everything was coated with a thick layer.

The last building was the worst. It had about 1/2 inch of powder on everything. So my first thought was the connections were just dirty. Cleaned everything with canned air, no effect. Ok, maybe I accidentally switched the Tx/Rx leads on the fiber connections, no such luck. Well, this building is also weird, because somebody decided it needed three fiber optic connections, although I have NO idea where the other two lead. They were all connected into various hubs. I had pulled the line I thought was the main line, but since it wouldn't connect, I decided I must have grabbed the wrong one. It shouldn't make a difference, since they're all still going into the hub rack, but, stranger things have happened.

I tried the second line. Still no luck. The third one wasn't even showing any activity, so I knew it couldn't be the one. After fighting for 3 hours, I gave up and reattached all the fiber connections back to the 10 Mb hub. Shit, everything connected. WTF?

Then I went around and checked the computers on that segment, just the make sure they were all connecting. Another problem, one of the computers kept saying there was problem with the NIC. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but Windows couldn't find the drivers. Log into to Dell to download the drivers. My connection at work is dial-up, so the 11 MB file was going to take awhile. Since it showed another 35 minuted to complete, and it was 3:00, I decided to run get some lunch. Came back and it showed the same 35 minutes to download. It had stalled and had to be cancelled and restarted.

While I was waiting for the download, I kept thinking, those fiber connections should have worked. I couldn't figure out any reason why they shouldn't. Decided to take a chance and reconnected both ends to the 100 Mb transceivers. They connected. I'm still scratching my head on that one.

Got back over to check on the download. It was done. Took the new drivers out and installed them. Card still doesn't work. So I'm guessing the card has failed. This computer is 4 years old and do for replacement later this year. But since I have computers waiting to be installed in other areas, I've decided just to go ahead and replace it now, and let one of the others wait. That will have to be next week, since this one is already committed to other tasks.

And to finish off such a wonderful day, I've spent this evening making out the checks for my taxes. Working at Best Boys Buy, makes me owe about $2200. And since I owe so much, I'm being forced to make quarterly tax payments. I used TurboTax to fill out the forms. It looks like TT has automatically set up an electronic withdrawal for my first quarterly payment, but I can't tell for sure. I hate paying it by check and then having it automatically withdrawn. So, I guess I'll hang on to the check until Saturday and see if it hits my account. It will probably piss off the government that I'll be a couple days late, but fuck 'em.

Now, I have a headache. I'm tired and ready for bed, or a vacation. :)

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