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Springtime on The Plaza

I worked today from 11 - 4. After I got off, Lynn and I went down to The Plaza, to walk around for a bit. It was just too nice of a day to stay at home, and be inside.

While we walking, I started thinking. I have profiles on a number of sites. They all ask pretty much the same stuff. One of the items is to describe an ideal first date. I've always left those blank, since I really didn't have an ideal. But walking around today, in the bright sunshine, seeing the trees and flowers in bloom, made me think. This would be a great first date. Having dinner together, than grabbing coffee at Starbuck's and walking around The Plaza or a park. Just walking and chatting, getting to know each other.

It's great for multiple reasons. You get to find out about the other person while talking. You get exercise from the walking, plus it's nice and relaxing with a little communing with nature.

Unless of course, it's just a hook-up site, and then the ideal first date is down and grungy sex. Screw the food, he can stop at McDonald's on the way home. And the only talking should be the groans of pleasure escaping from his lips. And the occasional, "Harder, harder, that's right plow me deep", coming from between his gritting teeth. :)
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