Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn and I both have to be up early in the morning. We have a 7:00 am meeting at the store this week and next week.

Tomorrow's meeting should be interesting. The company has decided to do away with department supervisors and go the multi-department managers. A couple of the sups have already quit. Some of the others have threatened. We'll find out tomorrow, where the dust will settle.

And then Lynn works 2:30 to 6 and I'm scheduled from 4 - 8:30. He'll be leaving for Wichita, right after he gets off, to meet his mother. She's been there all week, because his grandfather is supposed to go in for gall bladder surgery. He may spend the night or turn around and come back tomorrow night, if he has to work Sunday.

Bout it for now. Dinner is on the table, so time to go eat.
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