Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, I was half-way through composing my computer woes entry last night, when I achieved success. I thought this upgrade should be fairly quick and straight-forward. I mean, you change out the parts, start it up in safe-mode, update the drivers and you're done. WRONG!!

Let's see, Friday night, I pulled the old power supply, mobo and cards out. Replaced the case fans, since they had started making quite a bit of noise. (*embarrassed* I won't describe the amount of dust gerbil buildup I had in the fans.) Got everything blown out and started putting it back together.

First thing I noticed, the new power supply has two fans. One points to the outside of the case, and one to the inside. This is to help give additional cooling. Well, the way the case is designed, that inside fan sits right on top on the CPU cooler fan. I'm still not sure if they are going to interfere with each other.

The next thing I noticed, I had forgotten my old data/fax/speakerphone modem was an ISA. Well, it wouldn't be reused. Luckily, Lynn had just bought a new voice modem for his, so his old data/fax was available. I don't use this computer for my answering machine anymore, but I do still send faxes from it. So I needed the modem installed.

Issue number 3, I had also planned on reusing my old ATI Rage 128 Pro card. I mean, it is an AGP, admittedly a 1X AGP. Nope, the new MOBO requires a minimum 4X AGP card, so back to the store on Saturday, before going over to Mom's surprise party, to buy a graphics. I'd planned on getting an ATI Raedeon 9200. I figured, it would be the most compatible with the old ATI drivers that were still installed. It might make the change over a little easier. (Yes, I was already starting to fear the driver issues.)

The store is really low on stock, right now. They have been for two months. When we get shipments in, it's only a few pieces of each item, and they normally go within a couple of days. Especially the popular items, like graphics cards. Of course, they were out of the 9200. So I had to make a decision. Was I going to get the ATI 9000, with only 64 MB, or the NVIDIA G-Force FX 5200. In the end, I opted for the G-Force card. I'm not currently a gamer, but who knows what the future holds. (I might find a young twinker boyfriend who likes to play games all the time. It could happen.)

I finally got everything installed after I got off work Saturday night. Hooked the computer back up and turned it on. I went through safe mode to minimize issues, and WHAM!!! BSOD!!!

The new VIA chipset and the old ALI drivers did not want to work together, even in safe mode. I tried disabling the Ali drivers on start up, but the computer continued to blue screen.

Finally decided there was no alternative, reinstall Windows. So last night after I got home from, I started in again. I threw in the CD and booted up. Told it to do an install and then a repair of a previous version. And to my surprise..............it worked. Of course, I had to spend another two hours loading and updating all the drivers. But it does look like I'm back online again. Well, I guess I wasn't really offline, since I was using the laptop, but it's just not set up with everything the desktop has.

See, I told you this was going to be a long drawn out boring entry. You should heed my warnings at the top.
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