Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Went over and fixed my aunt's computer. Her old computer was a Tandy that only had two DS/DD floppys and no HD. I gave her a newer one for giftmas, a couple of years ago. She still hasn't figured out how to use it.

She bought a Lexmark multi-function to put on it. My nephew attempted to install it for her, but only loaded part of the drivers. So she's been using it as a copier, but hasn't been able to scan or print with it.

So I finished installing the drivers and gave her a quick lesson in scanning, MGI PhotoSuite, and Word. She didn't think she could write letters either. I'm sure she'll have more questions and issues, but I can't fault a 78 yo woman who's trying. But I have the same frustrations with teaching her, that I have with my 80 yo mother. You can definitely tell they're sisters.

Went to the grocery store and did some restocking. Picked up some sirloin tip steaks for dinner. Lynn and I both ended up eating only half our steaks, so that will probably be dinner tomorrow night too.

Lynn is in typing, and probably will be all night. I'm heading to bed shortly. We both have to work at the store tomorrow. I go in at 12:45 and he's due in at 2:30.
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