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Yesterday was an extremely long day. I had the 3 month follow up to our initial registration audit. Which meant, I didn't get out of the plant until 5:00. Normally, on the evenings I work at the store, I leave about 4:30. That way I have time to get home, change clothes and into the store by 6:00. To say the least, I was rushed for time yesterday.

The store was really dead last night. I think I might have had 6 customers total, and none of them were in buying computers. But Wednesdays are truck days, so we had to put all that stuff where it belongs, after the store closed. Not a big deal, we do it every Monday and Wednesday night. But it did get a little irritating last night. One of the guys from another department was asked to help out with ours. He's in a really small department. Computers is the second largest department in the store. He was making nasty comments about how we were all lazy, making people come over and help us. And if we just started on stuff earlier, we'd be done without their help.

He also made some comment about little Ry* standing around, doing nothing, when he should have been restocking the department. Of course, that pissed Ry* off.

So, with all that, I didn't get home until about 11:!5. By the time we finished with dinner and I was going to bed, it was a little after 1:00. Now I'm really dragging today. Plus, it's raining and overcast. Just the kind of day you want to curl up in a cozy bed and sleep/catnap all day.

And I don't know what the deal is this morning, but my phone has been ringing almost non-stop. Normally, I might get about 6 calls a day. I've already had a dozen in the first couple of hours. I hope this isn't an indication of the rest of the day.
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