Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I guess it's been a while since I made an entry. The annual safety dinners were this past Saturday and previous Saturday nights. Since my boss has been out for the past 5 weeks, I got the privilege to attend both.

Now, I really don't drink anymore. I pretty much gave it up, years ago. I will occasionally have some Khaluha in my coffee after dinner, but that's about the extent. And I haven't even done that in several months. So the fact that I had several V.O. & 7-Ups, well past the 2 drink maximum, with no real bad side effects was good. And that I did it two weeks in a row is amazing.

It was a kind of funny at the first one. I was sitting at the table with most of the people who report to me. One of the guys wives made the comment, that she can always spot the gay guy in the crowd. They are always gorgeous and have great hair. I had to chuckle.

We also made fun of the new kid. He'll turn 28 this fall, but he looks about 17. The waitress kept giving him funny looks when he'd order his drinks. Plus, he's on the shorter side. Probably only about 5'6", (which I must say, makes him just adorable). I could probably go to jail, just for the things I fantasize about doing to the boy.

Anyway, we had a two drink max. Everyone was given these stupid raffle tickets to pay for their drinks. Well, they collected tickets for the first round and then just stopped asking for them. Most of the people at my table were already on their 3rd, 4th or even 5th round. The server came around again. One of the guys at the other end of the table orderd another drink. And then I orderd another one. Not a problem. So then the kid ordered another one. The waitress gave him this really stearn look and said, "you know sir, you're only supposed to have two. We've just been nice, because there were some extra tickets. But this is it!" We all broke up laughing.

Although I don't normally like to attend these things, these two weren't too bad. Maybe it's just I sat at better tables this time.

My boss called this morning to let me know he's still out. He called a couple of weeks ago and said he'd be back the 1st of March. Now he's saying, he won't be back in the month of March. Not sure what's going on there. For the time being, I'm still in charge.

I have a follow-up audit with our registrar on Wednesday. I just loooove these things. And it seems like there's gremlins here in the lab. The equipment keeps breaking down, and then when I go out to look at it, to repair it, it's already working. That's happened 4 times in the last month. Although, the one instrument that fixed itself a month ago, broke down again. And this time it isn't fixing itself. Hopefully I'll have a service tech here by Wednesday.

I got a call from my sister yesterday. She has decided to throw a surprise birthday party for mom. (She turns 80 this year.) Wanted to know what I thought. But she'd run it past my brother, and he can only come up next weekend or the weekend after. Her birthday isn't until April. So after several calls back and forth, looks like we'll have the party March 13th, 3 weeks before her actual birthday. That should be a surprise. She's planning on inviting old friends, work associates and family to this thing.

What was funny, the first thing my sister said, was she was planning this party, did I think mom would like it. I told her, mom is already dropping hints. When I was over to visit, a week ago, she made the comment, "Well, I hit the big 80 this year". If that's not
a blatant ploy, I don't know what is.

Oh well, I see this entry has turned into another novella, so I suppose I should end it here.
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