Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The long weekend

The weekend was pretty boring. I worked at the store, all 4 days. And Saturday and Sunday were full 8 + hour days. I did end up surprising Lynn by getting him flowers for VD. Even though we're just roommates and friends, I thought he needed a pick-me-up. Especially, since he's been sick with bronchitis for two months.

And it seems my car has decided, now is the time to rack up the repairs. First, it was the tire last week, and then Saturday, I found out I have a cracked radiator. At first he said it would be $100 for labor and $200 for the new radiator. But after talking about possibly finding the parts cheaper on the Internet, he said he could probably do the work at home and only charge $50. (Since he and Lynn bowl on the same league team, he's pretty nice about doing stuff outside the shop.)

Lynn found a radiator online for a little over $100, and I found a couple around $125. So, I just need to get one on order so it can be replaced. The leak isn't too bad yet. And I've actually known I had a leak for several months. It was just a matter of adding antifreeze/water every few weeks. But I need to get it replaced before it completely fails.

The new cute guy started this morning. He's spent the whole day, over in orientation, but I get him tomorrow, to start his indoctrination of being under me. (I wish.)

Yesterday's prediction of only a slight chance of flurries, ended up being about 2 inches of wet heavy snow. The great kind that's perfect snowball fights. Today has warmed up significantly, to the mid 40's and most of what fell last night has already melted.
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