Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I have a new back tire on the car. Got home last night, and was just getting naked when the cute guy next door knocked. Wanted to let me know my tire was hissing and going flat.

Went out and looked and found a nail in the side. So, pulled it off and threw it in Lynn's truck. We headed over to NTB to have it fixed or replaced. Walk in and the first thing the guy says, "That's a Sumitomo, we don't carry those anymore." And then proceeds to tell me that, they used to be owned by Sears, but were sold last year. And part of the agreement, is they can no longer sell that brand of tire. But Sears is supposed to honor the road hazard warranty.

So, back in the truck to drive to Sears. I explained I had just come from NTB and that I needed my tire replaced. Well, they weren't sure, when did I buy these tires? Pulled out my paperwork to show that I'd bought them last July, and that I DID have road hazard coverage. 45 minutes and $65 later, I have a new tire. Went home and put it back on the car.

I discovered last night, it wasn't just the webcam that wouldn't communicate on the computer. I brought some files home from work on the flash drive. Stuck it in the hub, and it would recognize it. The computer wasn't seeing the printer attached to the hub either. So, while I was out getting coffee at Starbuck's, I ran by the store and bought a new 7 port hub. There is an advantage to working for an electronics retailer. After rebate and discount, the hub cost me $16. It's regularly $60. But now the computer sees the printer and the flash drive.

I'm still thinking of upgrading the processor and mother board. I built the new computer last year, but it has now found a permanent home, downstairs. (It's connected to the entertainment center, so I can record all my vinyl to CD. It's also the DVD copy station.) So I'm still using my old one as my primary. And it's starting to cause me more and more frustration.

My boss is still out. The last I heard from him, he thinks he might possibly be back by mid-March. And now his boss is out too. He went in for minor surgery to remove a polyp, and came out thinking he had cancer and wearing a colostomy bag. So he'll be out for at least another month or two. (It wasn't cancer and the bag is only temporary until he heals.)

Lynn still has no voice. This has now been going on for over two months. He's been back to the doctor 3 times in the last fours weeks. They keep giving him more drugs, but he doesn't seem to be improving. He's been off from the store for two weeks now. I'll be glad when the weather gets nicer, so maybe can get over this crap.

Oh well, I suppose I should get back to work. Well, actually, I just looked at the clock. It's just about time for lunch. :)
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