Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


I really think I have gremlins messing with me at work. In the last week, I've had one server, and two analytical instruments go down. All three had problems that required a service call. Two of the three had unexplainable symptoms.

So, yesterday morning, I still hadn't heard from one of the service techs, as to when he'd be here. Well, actually, he hadn't called back to even acknowledge that he was coming. I called him back, and actually talked to him, this time instead of voice mail. He was already booked for this whole week. And he was really sorry, but he never got my message last week. But could I check a couple of things on the instrument, just to narrow down the problem. Yeah, ok, I can do that.

I walk out to the instrument and .................................. it's working just like normal. He couldn't give me much to go on, unless it's a malfunctioning power supply. Just keep an eye on it.

Now, this morning, I have the Dell service tech, show up to work on the server. He has a ton of parts that have shipped in. He tears it apart and starts checking things. Replaced a few parts and gave it back to me. Told me, he couldn't find anything wrong with it and really couldn't explain the problems I was having last week. But keep an eye on it.

The service tech for the other instrument was also in this morning. Of course, when he got here, the unit functioned perfectly. He went ahead and did a routine maintenance and cleaning, but didn't really find a problem. When he left, he said it should be fine, but keep an eye on it.

So I know I must have gremlins. They're out there breaking things and than fixing them after I call for service. They're playin' with me, I tell ya!
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