Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Webcam Blues

I still can't get the webcam to reinstall. So, no broadcasting from me..........

And of course, the error message it gives, is one I'm not familiar with and can't find on Microsoft's site. I've attempted to uninstall/reinstall about 10 times, all to no avail. And the strangest part, even when I uninstall and unplug it, every time I reboot, the computer finds new hardware. I've even gone into the bowels of Windows to remove, and it all comes out shit.

The weather forecast, for the next 2 days has changed again. Now, instead of 12 inches of snow, we're supposed to get 1/2 inch plus of ice, followed by 2 - 6 inches of snow.

I don't think I'll have a problem, going into work in the morning, since the freezing drizzle isn't supposed to really start coming down hard until around mid-morning. But coming home tomorrow evening, and then work on Monday may be a real bear.

Lynn is home from his whirl wind trip. So I'm going in to eat and then head to bed. I'll get up early tomorrow, just in case the roads are really bad.
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