Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Lynn just left to help a friend drive to Louisville, KY. They're headed over to go to G's mother-in-law's funeral. As soon as it's over, they'll be turning around and driving back. Hopefully, they won't get caught in the snow that is moving this way.

The weather prognosticators are saying there is a winter storm coming in tomorrow and lasting through Monday. They are expecting anywhere from 2 - 18 inches of snow. If it's 2 - 4 inches, my little Mustang will probably be able to get around. If it's more than that, chances are, I won't be going to work on Monday.

I'm scheduled to work at the store, tomorrow and Sunday. And then also Monday and Tuesday nights.

I called EH this afternoon and offered him a position. So I'll have a new boy under me, starting Feb. 16.

The cold is still hanging on. So I have that fuzzy head feeling. That and my nose is extremely sore from blowing so much. I'll be happy when this clears up.

I have to reinstall my webcam. When I tried to start up the software yesterday, it told me there were no cams installed. I tried updating the driver, but it's telling me there is an error and aborts.

My week at work has been filled with problems. The new Dell server, that was installed in October, has shut itself down 3 times this week. And when I open the front cover, it restarts itself. So a service tech is supposed to be in Tuesday morning to install a new mother board, processor, power distribution board, power supply and chassis cable. Of course, they're not sure if this will fix the problem, because, "it might also be a short".

On top of that problem, I've had about 60 calls this week with people who've lost connectivity with the network, and locked accounts. By this morning, I was considering not answering my phone.

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