Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Why I prefer Video Porn.........

The place is vacuumed, the laundry almost done, and the dishes are in the dishwasher. The rest of the day has been spent doing very little, but playing on the computer.

After having an ad for Badpuppy.com, on my website for three years, (without anyone signing up through it), I finally signed up for a membership myself. So I've spent a good portion of the last week, indulging in my adolescent need for porn. Hell, even Netdix must have figured it out, since they're now sending 4 DVD's at a time, instead of only 3.

Even though, Badpuppy has a lot of CUTE naked guys, I think I still prefer videos. Take this afternoon for example. I logged in to Key West Boys and there was a cute skater boy in the chat room. I watched for 3 hours, while running back and forth doing the other stuff. And all he was doing was chatting and fondling himself through his shorts. I finally gave up and went in to jump in the shower. I was gone all of 10 minutes and came back just in time to see him naked, shooting his spunk down his leg. At least with a video, I can fast forward through all the boring parts and get to what everyone really wants to see.

Oh well, Lynn is working tonight. He should be getting off in about an hour. We'll run over to Starbucks when he gets home. Probably try and find something to eat. We both work tomorrow. But there's supposed to be an ice storm coming in tonight, so who knows what the roads will be like in the morning.
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