Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I'm sitting here making out bills. Such a wonderful way to spend Saturday night. Of course, there is one high point. I do have a certain someone's webcam running in the corner, so I can see his cute face and occasionally catch his bright smile.

I got a new video in the mail today. One I that I ordered earlier this week. It's one I've wanted for almost year. Ever since I found out that it stars someone who's been the subject of a few wet dreams and fantasies. Now I can dream about him, even when he's not online. :)

So, today has been mostly a sleep and relax day. I've been pretty much drained all week, so I took advantage of not having to work today and slept/napped until about 3:00. Admittedly, I did get up around 10:00 for a couple of hours, but decided going back to bed sounded like a better way to spend a rainy day.

Lynn and I just got back from running out to Starbucks and the grocery store. We have leftovers from dinner last night in the fridge. So I'll go in, in a little bit and warm those up for dinner. We both ended up getting the new combos at Applebee's, last night, and neither one of us were that hungry.

I work at the store tomorrow from 10 - 10. Originally, I was only scheduled from 10 - 4, but they decided to have a meeting after the store closes, so now we both have to go back in from 6:30 to 10.

Oh well, I guess I should get back to bills.
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