Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I really know I shouldn't do it, but sometimes the curiosity gets the best of me.

Normally, I scan down through the huge list of incoming emails and just delete them. I know they're all spam, and I decided long ago that I wasn't interested in Viagra or it's alternatives. I wasn't looking to get a bigger dick. Although that might be fun, I doubt they could really help. And I'm definitely not interested in seeing boobalicious babes, or pissing pussy mommas, or any of the other various attempts to lure me.

But occasionally, I'll see one that looks like it might be fun to just open and see what's in it. I admit, I got fooled into it this morning.

Now, if you have an email, with the subject line "FreeBoysNude - Live GuyCams!!!", you would think, it's nude boys on cam, right? Wrong! Of the 28 "cams" pictured, only 2 were of guys, and an additional 3, where a guy was used as an accessory.
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