Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

This week has been kind of slow. I didn't go to work on Monday, because of the ice on the streets. Lynn had to work at the store, Monday night, so I put in X2 DVD, I bought. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, it almost made me want to run out and find the comics, so I could read the whole story.

I was only scheduled at the store Sunday and Thursday, this week. Hours always fall way off in January. In fact, next week, I'm only scheduled for Thursday night.

Since I had Tuesday night off, and Lynn had to work again, I watched a couple of the DVD's I'd rented. The first was Boys Briefs. It's a series of 6 short films that had shown at some of the indie film festivals. A couple of them were pretty good.

The second was Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler. It wasn't exactly what you'd expect from the title. So, it had poor videography. In fact, it was only slightly better than someone doing a home camcorder video. The acting was so-so. The plot was rather interesting. And it did have a couple of really cute boys, showing quite a bit of skin. It was strange, but I think I liked it.

Wednesday night I went and had my hair cut and colored again. This time I went to a professional, instead of doing it myself. It does look better than when I did it myself.

After I got home, I spent 5 hours working on removing spyware from my computer. And then spent another 2 hours Thursday morning. I had to use 2 different spy find and remove programs, plus a lot of manual deleting registry entries and files. I think I've finally gotten rid of all of it. As far as I'm concerned, spyware is a bigger nuisance than spam. I really don't like my computer being modified without my consent.

Now it's Friday night and I'm sitting at home, watching Unscrewed With Martin Sargent. I lead such an exciting life. :)
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