Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Although my car loves the hot summer and bright sunshine, it doesn't care much for icy, snowy and cold winters. I was able to maneuver through the fresh ice and snow yesterday, but the thawing/freezing that occurred overnight, left the streets as slick as an ice skating rink. So when I attempted to drive up all the hills out of my neighborhood, the car said no.

After making a couple of attempts, I turned around and headed back to the house. Called into work and left a message that I couldn't make it. I told them I'd try again later, after the streets possibly cleared a little. My boss called back around 11:00 and said not to worry about it today. To just go ahead and extend my vacation another day. So YAY!!

Lynn had to work at the store today. His truck does seem to get around better than my car. But even he had a few problems getting out. He had me ride in with him and left me with the truck. I have to go back and pick him up at 4:00. After that, we're headed over to the doctor's office so he can get some meds for this cold. He's been fighting it for 3 weeks and it's not getting any better. And he accuses me of being stubborn.

So, I'm at home, doing the laundry I should have done yesterday, but didn't get to. I'll head back out around 3:00. Run to the post office and then Starbucks for coffee. That should give me enough time to pick him up, when he gets off.
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