Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The store was pretty slow today, since there was freezing rain, sleet and a bit of snow last night. And today was very cold with a strong northerly wind. The side streets are still pretty ice covered.

Lynn stayed home all day, so his truck is still covered with ice. He went out and started it a little while ago to let it heat up. We keep going down and scraping a little to get the windows uncovered. He needs to run typing into to the clinic tonight. And also so he doesn't have to scrape in the morning before he goes in to the store. Even though I caught a cold, his is still worse, and he doesn't need to be out in that cold weather.


We just about have his truck scraped off. A few more minutes and it should be warmed up enough to get the rest of the ice off. Then I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be the first day back at the day job.
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