Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

We got home from Mom's a little bit ago. We went over to finish installing her kitchen sink, but when we got there, the plumber was still there. I knew she was having him come over to do some other work. But when we went inside, he had seen the half finished sink and had already finished the job.

So we sat around and watched him work. He was a VERY cute plumber. He didn't even have the plumber waistline yet. Of course, he's straight and married, but that doesn't mean we couldn't look and fantasize about what we could do with him. :)

Only one more day of vacation and then back to work. Even with being off for two plus weeks, I'm not really ready to go back. But such is life. At least it was a break.

I'm off to bed soon. I work at the store tomorrow from 11-5. And I'm only scheduled one more evening this week. So that shouldn't be too bad. And I plan on taking my boss up on his offer of taking off all the Fridays in January and February. Let's see if he follows through with it. I think I can handle 4 day weeks for the next two months. :)

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