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What a day

Well, thought the day was going to be great. After I got out this afternoon, things were just wonderful. I went over to mom's and helped her buy a new lawn mower. Got it all set up for her, so she could start using it.

After that, headed down to The Plaze to take a couple of pictures for a friend. For those who aren't familiar with The Plaza, it is a Kansas City landmark It was originally built in the 1920's after the shopping plazas in Seville, Spain. And it was full of cute boys and hot men, as always. A beautiful day, lots of eye candy, a cup of Starbuck's, what could be better.

Still had to go to the bank to make a deposit and go by the cellular store. My contract was up and needed to renewed.

First the bank. Went to the ATM, stuck my card in, made my deposit, pulled out some cash. All done, ready to head to the next stop, but wait, where's my card? That's right, the ATM ate it. So, instead of heading to the cell store, it was back home to call the bank. Yes, you'll have a new card in 7 - 10 business days, thank you for using us.

Then on to Cingular. Now it might just be here, but everytime I go into one of the Cingular stores, same when it was Southwerstern Bell, there is always a line of people growing old, waiting for service. Today was no different. There were 5 people in the store when I got there at 4:00. They close at 6:00. I was finally waited on at 5:15. I felt really sorry for the 15 or so people who came in after me.

So that was pretty much the day. But, even with the bad stuff, it was a pretty good day overall. Even got a little color back on my face.:) Come on summer.
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