Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just finished writing out the last of the monthly checks for December. I so love paying bills. At least I only have to do it twice a month.

Don't have any plans for tonight. We'll probably stay in and watch tv or something. Neither one of us feels too hot. Lynn is still trying to get over the crap he caught last week, and I finally got it yesterday. So now my head feels all mushy too.

I realized, I still have one holiday card to make out, but the little present I'm enclosing is out of stock until Friday. And I still have to other giftmas presents to get. Again, one is out of stock, so who knows when I'll get it sent. And the other is just me being slow at ordering it. Hopefully, the recipients will understand the thought and not the time they received them.

I was planning on getting my hair streaked and cut again today, but didn't get to the shop in time. They closed early for the holiday. I may end up doing it at home again. I was going to try out a woman at the store who works part time as a cosmetologist, but she only works a couple of days a week. It's mostly when I'm normally working, so that seems out now. I may do it myself, this time and then next time, see if I can arrange to get over to let her do it.

The vacation days are quickly coming to an end. Only a few days left before I return next Monday. Although, I did go in on this past Monday to interview a potential new employee. He's definitely a cutey. And he seems to be qualified.

Lynn and I went to Wichita, last Thursday. We drove down that morning and spent the day with his family and then drove back very early Friday morning. He had to be at work at 11:00 Friday morning, and I was do back that afternoon. So neither of us got a lot of sleep.

Not much else going on here. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.
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