Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Weekend Recap - Work, Snow, Work, Work

Yeah, that about covers it. Worked until after 5:00 Friday afternoon, finishing up the audit. We passed with only one minor issue. They'll be back in 3 months to make sure we're still performing at the same level. Then it will be annually after that.

Didn't have to work at the store Friday night, so .........so I can't remember what we did. It must have been VERY exciting. It snowed overnight, so Saturday morning, woke up to about 4 inches of white stuff. Figured I should give myself a little extra to drive to the store, but amazingly enough, didn't have any problems getting around. What did amaze me, was the parking lot at the store was packed. Jeez people, it snowed, STAY HOME!!

Worked again yesterday afternoon and evening. Although the store wasn't nearly as busy, since the Chiefs were playing. It picked up for a couple of hours after the game was over, but died about the time the store would normally close. So we had an extra two hours with nothing to do but play with ourselves. (Yes, there are a few of those boys I'd like to play with. But I digress).

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Even naked video chat was less than stimulating. But I did catch branman1975 on cam a couple of times. That's always fun. And Brandon, congrats on Friday night. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Today, the boss is out on vacation, so it's fairly laid back. He'll be back tomorrow. Then we have one of the new junior VP's coming in to visit on Wednesday. I haven't even met this guy yet, and I already think he's an asshole. I'd prefer to start my vacation tomorrow, but I was told I had to be here for the visit Wednesday. That way he can meet me. Oh fuckin joy!

At least I should be able to leave around noon or 1:00 on Wednesday. That will begin my vacation through the end of the year. And I'm ready for it.
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