Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Just came up from working on cleaning out the garage. The roommate has most of his stuff stored there, plus some of mine, A lot of what he had down there, was what went through the flood at his old place.

After almost three years, he has decided, the history can't be salvaged and he's throwing most of it away. I feel sorry for him. It is difficult when you look at all the little things you've collected over your life, all the memories, just be thrown in the trash.

But we did make quite a bit of room. Well, we did have room, until we drug all the stuff for the trash back in. It can't go out to the street until next weekend. But did get the floor all swept and most of the boxes rearranged and straightened.

Now, going to go shower and then we're going to go walk the Baby. Then back here to fix dinner.
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