Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Slept in late today. Got up around 12:45. And then Lynn and I went to Mom's for lunch. I had to run in to work for a few minutes this evening. Apparently someone had locked themselves out of the network, so I had to go in and unlock the account.

We both have to be at the store at 4:30 in the morning. Big sale day after Thanksgiving will have 500 - 1000 people waiting in the parking for the doors to open at 6:00. And the holiday jingles will be blaring "Tis the season to be bitchy, fa la la la la". He's supposed to get off at 10:00 and I'm scheduled until noon.

So I'm headed to bed so I can get up at 3:00.

Hope everyone, who celebrates T-Day, had an enjoyable one. And to all the others, hope your day was good too. And as a friend of Lynn's put it, Happy Kill a Defenseless Bird Day.
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