Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, it's Thursday. Well that's better then Tuesday. Did not want to get up this morning at all. Overslept about 20 minutes, but that was ok.

One of the perks of my job is, I don't have a set schedule. When I show up is when I get to work. But, by the same token, when I leave is when I leave. They're getting their time out of me. But even with oversleeping, I still got in about the same time as always.

Hhhhmmm, maybe I need to start sleeping in every morning.:)

Well, after using LJ for 3 months, I have decided to go ahead and keep it. Writing journals has never been something I enjoyed doing. I just never could put the words on paper that I was thinking. Well, I've been doing a fair job of it here, so I guess I will continue this time. It's a little different when it's something I decided to do instead of some assignment imposed by someone else. Long story, short answer, I went ahead and stopped using the service for free and signed up for a paid account.

Hey, I think the LJ guys deserve it. This is a pretty snazzy system.
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