Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

My evening

Ok, so Lynn and I ran to Starbuck's after I got home and got our normal drinks. Than ran by the grocery store to get something for dinner. He has some typing to do, but has to work at the store tomorrow, so I have no idea how late he'll be up.

I'm working on paying bills. So anyone watching can have to immense pleasure of seeing me sitting here writing checks. Oh isn't that an enjoyable way to spend the evening.

To enigmaroolz, I really enjoyed chatting this evening. Sorry it was so short. Hope you have a good night.

To branman1975, I have mixed reactions to your posted question. Yes, I would love to see more of you like that. But, on the other hand, it really makes me want to "stay up" all night watching. But than you know how cute I think you are.

I've also had Bryan in Austin running in the corner tonight. Seeing him cuddling with his friend Andrew has been fun this week. They are cute together. Makes me wish I had someone to cuddle with.

Oh well, I guess I should get back to writing checks.
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